MIDI program change not registered in Audio FX-plugins?

Hi! I have a weird problem that I think may not even be because of Juce, but rather how many hosts work. I have made a very simple audio-fx plugin that mutes/unmutes audio based on what it’s active program is and which programs it’s supposed to have active. It is not the most beautiful solution, but rather something that I tried as a quick-and-dirty plugin that I needed quickly.
It works by reading any program change commands sent to the midi input. However, these seems to not get to the plugin (not in the VSTHost example from an earlier Juce version, nor in Cakewalk studios). It can read any other commands (seen by letting a label change it’s name to the last registered midi message), and it even works in Standalone mode.
Is the host “suppressing” any program change events or what’s going on?
Thank you.

You may be interested in the thread MIDI Program Change broken (Solved)

Ok. But can I rely on the host to send a programChange(…) command whenever a connected midi receives the very same message?