Midi talkback




So .... say I have a plugin that needs to send output midi .... can I do this?  I assume it would involve altering the incoming midiBuffer in the processBlock method ... but .... there doesn't seem to be any methods for ALTERing a midiBuffer.


I know you can iterate through the buffer and do things like setVelocity(), but not SetControllerValue() ... why not?

Is there a simple way to ALTER/REPLACE the midiMessages in a midiBuffer ?


You can iterate through a MidiBuffer, creating a new one, and then swap them over.


Yeah, that's what I'm doing now.  It just ends up being rather ungainly (since various levels of Audioprocessors then have there own midi buffers to copy back and forth, and pass up the chain).

Seems it would be easier if I could alter the midiBuffer directy, but clearly that is difficult ins ome way or we would have that option.