Midimessages always empty in processBlock?

I have an audioplugin I’ve created which is generally working well however the midimessages are always empty no matter what I try. I’ve overriden acceptsMidi / producesMidi & isMidiEffect to return true, but I’m still unable to capture any midi messages.

I’m trying to capture any notes from my midi keyboard and then play a sample.

Apologies if this is a basic question, can’t seem to find any clear documentation on this? Any help would be really appreciated!

I’m using Reaper for my DAW if that’s important

Little bit of sleep and some coffee later… Solved! Needed to set #define JucePlugin_WantsMidiInput 1 in AppConfig.h

Hope this helps anyone else running into this, it wasn’t obvious

The default implementation of acceptsMidi() uses that define. You could also just replace it there with return true; or in the Projucer look in PluginCharacteristics (start with the cog wheel on the top)…

Glad you found it

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