Midiout and sysex issue


I've noticed this for some time, but it never mattered until just now (I have a device that is complaining).

So .... it seems like whenever you send a sysex message out, Juce will send an additional (empty) message.

I am referring to short sysex messages here, not ones that exceed the 256 limit and have to be sent in multiple packets.


I have a screenshot, but uploading images seems to have been disabled or having issues (it is under 1 mb, but I get an error message).

Anyway, after each sysex that is sent, I get a second (empty) sysex with just (f0 f7).


Any idea what is happening there? I've tried it both with the sendMessageNow and using a background thread.

Any other type of message (notes, controllers, etc) sends just fine ... it just seems to be a sysex issue.



Which OS?



Aha! both Win nd Mac .... but it's a my mistake.


I just hadn't noticed that MidiMessage::createSysExMessage adds the starting/ending bytes (0xF0, 0xF7 ) automatically.

The docs mention it too ... I was just moving too quickly.


Also - you may want to take a look at the issues with the "secure" version of your site, which is broken:



I only notice it because my browser remembers that being a valid address. Maybe get someone to put up a reroute in the apache config.