Minor exception hunt

I turned on “break on all exceptions” to track down a an access violation I was getting. Found it. Doh! Turned out I was trying to delete a DialogWindow which of course had deleted itself on hitting the close button! (why does it not zero itself too?)

Anyway. Another exception made itself apparent at the startup. A setBoundsRelative in my code was causing a break here…

int Component::getParentWidth() const throw() { return (parentComponent_ != 0) ? parentComponent_->compW_ : getParentMonitorArea().getWidth(); }

Why is this? Program works but am I doing some shit in the wrong order?

  1. main window constructor does a few things( setFullscreen and addtodesktop etc.)
  2. initComponents where all components are created, added etc.
  3. last line in initComponents is a sneaky wee call to resized where the components get sized.

Right scratch that.

I didn’t have to call resized. It gets called fine and dandy by itself. I knew that already! Why the hell was I calling it. Dozy twat.

Fucks sake!

Still getting that exception! Could have sworn it dissappeared when I removed explicit call to resized()

probably one of those things where stuff is getting used in the constructor before all the constructors for its subclasses have been executed.