MissingOpenGLDefinitions within JUCE namespace (not portable without using namespace juce)

When using using namespace juce; opengl-definitions like GL_TEXTURE0 are either a macro (on mac, defined by gl3.h) or an enum (windows, MissingOpenGLDefinitions).

However, without using namespace juce; I would have to add juce:: in front of GL_TEXTURE0 when on windows, which wouldn’t work on mac anymore.
So the code won’t be portable.

However, I actually like the removal of using namespace juce;
Am I missing something, or should JUCE revise the MissingOpenGLDefinitions-trick?

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I already reported this back in 2019

No response from the JUCE team members tagged back then


These requests will just pile up ad infinitum. IMO, it’s just easier to request the whole lot of macros in a consistent way - so, please see my FR: FR: Wrangle a comprehensive set of OpenGL functions & macros

To add to the FR - the “wrangling” of functions and macros from OpenGL is a totally normal thing to do in order to get access to all functionality necessary at once.