Mobile Audio Performances

We’ve just released the Mobile Audio Quality index, with a list of over 200 devices ordered by performances.

Check it out here:


Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

The power of analytics!!

I take it this was captured with juce_analytics (or an earlier version thereof) across ROLI’s apps?

I’m trying to get the word out on Reddit but it’s my first post there and it’s getting moderated. If anyone has an account and wants to help, that would be appreciated

Man the Android latencies are terrible. Only the Pixel 2 is anywhere close. iOS stuff is solid!

Hi, @jb1

I’d like to know that a unique App used for collecting data to make MAQ. Also I wonder which Juce app used for logging data. I’m curious how much complex product is being operated while it save data.


We’ve used ROLI’s app NOISE to collect data. NOISE was released on Google Play’s early access service and the app was available on all devices for a few months, while we investigated the devices performance.

Since coming up with MAQ in November, ROLI has fully released NOISE, which is now only available for Pixel 1 & 2 which have the best performance.

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