Modal dialog thread MessageManagerLock deadlock

I am starting a thread from a modal dialog which tries to update gui components in the dialog but cannot acquire the MessageManagerLock. There are no other critical sections in my code. Please help.


That should work fine… Are you using the latest version? If so, when you say it fails to get the lock, what exactly is happening?

I am using v1.46. When I try to create the MessageManagerLock, it blocks at “MessageManager::instance->messageDispatchLock.enter()”, so it seems like another thread has the lock.

A workaround I found is to use callFunctionOnMessageThread(), rather than try to acquire the MessageManagerLock. I will try and write some test code that replicates the problem as my current code is a bit involved.


Ah, no, it won’t work in 1.46, I sorted this out a while ago, but you need to move to 1.50.

Thanks - it works with 1.50