Modal Dialog Window broken


Hi Jules,

It seems that Modal Dialog windows are currently broken on OSX. (works fine on WIndows)
If you click the red cross to close the window nothing happens.

The following code added to MainDemoWindow::MainDemoWindow() in Juce Demo exhibits it.

(class definition before the function)

[code]class TempDialogWindow : public juce::DialogWindow
TempDialogWindow (const juce::String& title, const juce::Colour& colour, const bool escapeCloses)
: juce::DialogWindow (title, colour, escapeCloses, true)
void closeButtonPressed()
setVisible (false);


TextButton button("Test", "Test");
button.setSize(200, 200);
TempDialogWindow dw(TRANS("TEST"), Colours::darkgrey, true); 
dw.setContentComponent (&button, true, true); 
dw.centreAroundComponent (this, dw.getWidth(), dw.getHeight()); 
dw.setResizable (false, false); 
const int result = dw.runModalLoop(); 
dw.setContentComponent(0, false); 



I think I fixed this last week - maybe try the very latest version?


It now works fine.