Modal Native Parent Window

I am writing a QuickTime export plugin. My Juce DialogWindow is invoked from the QuickTime or FinalCut parent window which is modal. However, my window appears behind that window instead of on top of it probably due to AddToDesktop. Is there any way to specify the native QT window as the parent or make my window appear on top of it? toFront, setAleaysOnTop do not work.


There’s no easy way I can think of to do that… Did you try calling toFront (true) on it after you’ve put it on the screen?

Yes, I did, as I indicate in my post. Maybe the window needs to be application modal?

Sorry, yes, you did mention that. Mac modality is all handled by the NSApplication object running a special kind of event loop, so I guess you could experiment with calling beginModalSessionForWindow, but without seeing it it’s hard to guess exactly what’s going on.