Module library search paths not exported

I have added a library to a module and put it in the folder ‘my_module/libs/VisualStudio2019/x64/MT’ but the path is not being exported to the VS project. The workaround for the moment is to add the library search path to the exporter in the Projucer manually but this sort of kills the point of being able to add modules as standalone entities.

I am using JUCE 6.0.3.

I did a bit of debugging with the Projucer and I think I have found a bug in addSearchPathsToExporter() in jucer_Modules.cpp.

When I step through the debugger here it looks like libSubdirPath and (subsequently) moduleLibDir are incorrect. They end up giving a moduleLibDir that includes the full paths to the .jucer project and then the full path to the module i.e. C:/path/to/project/C:/path/to/module/libs/VisualStudio2019.

This results in the moduleLibDir being found to not exist on line 76 of jucer_Modules.cpp (since it doesn’t) and then the path is not added to the library search path.

Any chance the JUCE team could take a look at this? Or tell me where I might be going wrong if somehow this could be related to my module settings?