More advanced HTTP stuff

I was wondering if there's any advanced options for doing web stuff? 

I'm after a few different things, wondering if anyone had any libraries or modules for JUCE that can do them...

1) I'm after getting the source code for a web page from behind a proxy, which I can rotate and do again to see what the the source is like from different countries etc. I don't want to go down the C# .NET route really as I don't wantto have to botch C# in there. (If fact I don't even know if .NET can be added to a JUCE app?) Maybe some sort of cURL?

2) There's a open source PHP library that has a couple of particular features I'm after. Is there a way of creating a virtual PHP server from within JUCE so I can run the commands? I don't want to display anything, it's literally just getting values from the PHP functions. I've not seen any C version of this library, so that's not an option. Is there some sort of XAMMP I can embedin a JUCE app?


Cheers in advance

OK so number 1 can be done pretty easy with URL::readEntireTextStream - Any way of reading this via a proxy?