More silly questions... Resizer!

Ok, so I keep reading the instructions over and over…

I add a resizer… I use

It makes a child with andAndMakeVisible… “this” is the parent. Seems to be following the rules in the docs, but I see NO resizer! I also set up the limits for the resizer too… in any case, help! It’s probably my fault, but I just don’t see where I’m going wrong here. :?

Look at the stepforms code. it resizes.

I did, that’s part of the reason I don’t know why it’s not working. :x :? :shock:


put a resized() on the top level then put parentSizeChanged() in your child components

okee… I’ll give the parentsizechanged thing a go… danki! :wink:

BTW, shouldn’t I at least see the little icon in the lower corner regardless?

Finally… figured it out. Didn’t realize you had to setBounds on the resizer… I just assumed it was auto placed it in the cornor of the parent… you have to do it, hence “put one in the corner of a larger component…” :smiley:

ye. I just kept jules code so the SF resizer stays the same size. havent got round to changing the main class name from DemoJuceFilter either! :oops:

I totally missed the thread, I already had the resizer working too… hehe