Mouse clicks sometimes ignored in ComboBox + PopupMenu

Hello guys ! I’d like to talk about a long time issue I have on Windows (XP/7/8 and maybe on Mac OS X I’m not sure) with PopupMenus. It’s difficult to solve because it doesn’t happen all the time.

Sometimes, when I click on an entry in a PopupMenu, associated with a ComboBox (the menu appears because I have clicked in the ComboBox), the mouse click is ignored and I have to try again to be able to select what I want.

I didn’t feel very concerned about this issue until a few users of Spaceship Delay told me it happens a few times for them, and that sometimes they have to try again two or three times in a row before they are able to select what they wanted…

Loving the delay but a minor niggle - sometimes when selecting options in e.g. the FX section it ignores mouse clicks. So you have to re-select what you’re after. Sometimes it will take 3 or 4 clicks before it will respond.

Any idea why something like that could happen ? Thanks in advance !

Thanks @IvanC. We’ll certainly have a look into this. One thing that would be interesting to know if you have been seeing these problems for a long time with JUCE or only in the recent months.

The reason is that we have been working on fixing multiple Windows touch issues around alerts and pop-ups in the recent months. The first commit in a series of fixes was in early August.

The whole windows touch/mouse input stuff is super fragile and I wouldn’t be surprised if we broke something there - specifically the following commits changed some things in the way we handle touches/mouse inputs:


Hello Fabian, and thanks for looking into this !

Well, I think I had this issue last year for sure, I’m even wondering if it was already there in a project which was in JUCE 3…

Hello guys ! A plug-in I’m working on a this moment has the exact same issue than I talked about before, sometimes some beta testers were trying to select a preset in a ComboBox PopupMenu, they clicked on an entry, and then nothing happened, they had to do it again.

I’m still seeing this issue from times to times during development, both on Windows and mac OS.

I have seen also something odd in Debug configuration, sometimes the mouse is over an entry which has a submenu, then the mouse is over the entry just below (which has a submenu as well), and finally the submenu being displayed is the one from the first entry, but located in front of the second.

Any idea why this is happening ?

Thanks in advance !

I’ve run into this same issue, have you found a way to solve it yet?


I only have issues with popup menus in a specific case ( cf Small bug: PopupMenu not getting closed when using trackpad (under certain circumstances) )
I never had the issue Ivan is describing, but I’m not sure I often used a comboBox in a plugin actually.
Did you try to give a parent component to your popupMenu? When having issues with popupMenu that’s often a good workaround.
see ComboBox::LookAndFeelMethods::getOptionsForComboBoxPopupMenu()
and PopupMenu::Options::withParentComponent()

Thanks I’ll look into this. Yeah its really odd behaviour that on iOS I’m always having to long press submenus for them to actually show. On OSX this has the same behaviour that Ivan has mentioned - sometimes it responds to a click and sometimes it doesn’t.