Mouse clicks sometimes ignored in ComboBox + PopupMenu


Hello guys ! I’d like to talk about a long time issue I have on Windows (XP/7/8 and maybe on Mac OS X I’m not sure) with PopupMenus. It’s difficult to solve because it doesn’t happen all the time.

Sometimes, when I click on an entry in a PopupMenu, associated with a ComboBox (the menu appears because I have clicked in the ComboBox), the mouse click is ignored and I have to try again to be able to select what I want.

I didn’t feel very concerned about this issue until a few users of Spaceship Delay told me it happens a few times for them, and that sometimes they have to try again two or three times in a row before they are able to select what they wanted…

Loving the delay but a minor niggle - sometimes when selecting options in e.g. the FX section it ignores mouse clicks. So you have to re-select what you’re after. Sometimes it will take 3 or 4 clicks before it will respond.

Any idea why something like that could happen ? Thanks in advance !


Thanks @IvanC. We’ll certainly have a look into this. One thing that would be interesting to know if you have been seeing these problems for a long time with JUCE or only in the recent months.

The reason is that we have been working on fixing multiple Windows touch issues around alerts and pop-ups in the recent months. The first commit in a series of fixes was in early August.

The whole windows touch/mouse input stuff is super fragile and I wouldn’t be surprised if we broke something there - specifically the following commits changed some things in the way we handle touches/mouse inputs:



Hello Fabian, and thanks for looking into this !

Well, I think I had this issue last year for sure, I’m even wondering if it was already there in a project which was in JUCE 3…