mouseDrag fires on just mouse press in 4.1 (different than 3.2)


In Juce 4.1 (OSX, non-retina display), whenever I press the mouse, a mouseDrag event is being fired, even when the mouse hasn't moved at all.  "Moved at all" being defined as common-sense perception and also MouseEvent.getPosition() returning the same values for the mouseDown() and mouseDrag() events that are both fired.  I did not have this problem in 3.2.

Is this the expected behavior?

Thanks, Andrew

One addendum .. mouseDown and mouseDrag locations are also identical on the MouseEvent.position.getX()/getY() level .. at least to the resolution of printf %f:

   down 576.410156 345.144531

   drag 576.410156 345.144531

here is a thread about it :

Thanks for pointing me to that thread .. I (obviously) hadn't found it on searching before posting.