mouseWheelMove and drag bug


I’m currently on JUCE.6.0.5

when making custom components and overriding mouseWheelMove i try to use

if (evt.mouseWasDraggedSinceMouseDown()) return;

to keep mouseWheelMoves from having an effect while the component is dragged. that’s important because a parameter attachments wants to fire a new parameter value in both of these methods and the attachment doesn’t like completeGestures being sent while incomplete ones are still going on.

The problem is that this line doesn’t work. for some reason it doesn’t return there. This is rather weird, because it does work in mouseUp. Maybe there has been changed something in the mouseWheel method lately that unintentionally broke this?


I just read that this method “is only meaningful in mouseUp or mouseDrag”.

Please change that, JUCE-Team. There are way too many applications, where it matters to know if there was a mouseDrag or not in mouseWheelMove.

Could you use Component::isMouseButtonDown to check whether any buttons are pressed when the mouse wheel moves?

yes, that seems to work. thx