Moving a group af components together

Hello, I’m hardly manage to move several component together.

AS for example in Max : when you select sv. objects and move them.

How would you proceed ?

I think you’d need to give some context if you want a sensible answer to this!

look at LassoSource and SelectedItemSet for the selection

for a practical example see ComponentLayoutEditor in the jucer

I m familiar with Lasso Component and source.

Effectively, i should look at the Jucer to know how it rules.

Briefly, I want to move sv objects as you move many directory in your finder or explorer.
In my case, I implement it in the “*childBoundsChange” juce callback.

I have an engine with time constraints between objects.
Thus, In the callback*, when I move an object I ask my engine to give me the whole new positions, minus the box I just moved.

I must augmente it with a “group move”.
What is not obvious to me.

Thus I select 4 objects as boxes in Max, I move one and the others follow.
And then I ask my engine for the new positions minus the boxes I moved.