MP3 decoder crashes on this file


I encountered an mp3 file that crashes the built-in decoder. Please have a look. 

The file is here

It is from Win 7's sample music folder.


maxBytesToRead in this case is less than 0.

Call Stack
     play.exe!juce::BufferedInputStream::read(void * destBuffer, int maxBytesToRead) Line 134    C++
     play.exe!juce::MP3Decoder::MP3Stream::decodeNextBlock(float * const out0, float * const out1, int & done) Line 1488    C++
     play.exe!juce::MP3Decoder::MP3Reader::readNextBlock() Line 3044    C++
     play.exe!juce::MP3Decoder::MP3Reader::readSamples(int * * destSamples, int numDestChannels, int startOffsetInDestBuffer, __int64 startSampleInFile, int numSamples) Line 2999    C++
     play.exe!juce::AudioFormatReader::read(int * const * destSamples, int numDestChannels, __int64 startSampleInSource, int numSamplesToRead, bool fillLeftoverChannelsWithCopies) Line 69    C++

Thanks, I'll take a look at that!