MPE Legacy Mode - Modwheel


we are using an MPESynthesizer in our plugin. We want to support MIDI- as well as MPE-keyboards. Right now we are testing the plugin with legacy mode activated. But I don’t get any callbacks for the modwheel. Pitchwheel is working fine. What is the modwheel actually being mapped to in the MPESynthesizer? I thought I’d get a call to notePressureChanged() or noteTimbreChanged(). But I get nothing.

Is the modwheel even supported by the MPESynthesizer?

I’m pretty sure that MPE doesn’t do anything special with the mod wheel so you should be able to just override MPESynthesiser::handleController() and it will be called when the mod wheel is moved.

Could you update the documentation for this method? It doesn’t have any parameter names.

Apart from that: Thanks, I don’t totally forget about that. Pretty obvious :smiley: