Multichannel AU plugins

Hi Jules,

Further to this thread from 2008 it seems that Juce plugins which don’t support a 2-in/2-out channel config still fail AU Validation with error kAudioUnitErr_FormatNotSupported (-10868). What’s worse is that Reaper refuses point blank to use one of the supported configs.

Can I suggest that something like the following is added at the end of the JuceAU constructor?

[code] CreateElements();
CAStreamBasicDescription streamDescription;
streamDescription.mSampleRate = GetSampleRate();

    streamDescription.SetCanonical(channelConfigs[0][0], false);
    streamDescription.SetCanonical(channelConfigs[0][1], false);

This was sufficient for my needs, but you’ll probably want to add a special case for #ifdef JucePlugin_IsSynth and maybe default to {2,2} if it’s available instead of the first one on the list.




I’ve added some code along these lines now… I’d appreciate any feedback from people as to whether it helps/works!