MultiDocumentPanel - Floating windows using native titlebar


My main window has a sets a MultiDocumentPanel as it's content. The main window sets using the native title bar to true.

inside of that MultiDocumentPanel , i add a new class (inherits Component) using addDocument. These floating windows do not have a native titlebar .. I've also tried having my class inherit TopLevelWindow and having it's constructor also set native title bar to be true, but this does not give me a native titlebar.

 Is there something extra i need to do so that these windows use the native titlebar? 




Sorry, it can't handle sub-components that have native titlebars.

Hi Jules, Thank you for the reply.


Is there another Component or a way of acheiving the 'window inside of a window' that MultiDocumentPanel provides, but will allow the inside windows to be have native titlebars ? 




Not without doing some platform specific hacks.

Bear in mind that I designed this to be a cross-platform framework, and Windows is the only OS where it's actually possible to put a child window with a frame inside a parent. You could hack it with win32 calls to achieve the same result, but not on other platforms.