Multiple DSP filters with process duplicator?

Hi guys,

I’ve just created my first plugin, and I’m trying to make a simple EQ. I managed to get the first filter working (following The Audio Programmer’s IIR filter guide on YouTube). The issue comes with adding another filter. How do I add more than one filter? If I create another process duplicator then I get an error, so I’m assuming I can only have one of them. How do I create another filter so I can have multiple filters running at the same time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Do you want multiple filters in series to e.g. build something like a 4-band EQ? Or do you want to create a filter capable of processing more than just a single channel? The ProcessorDuplicator is the right class for the second case. For the first case you might want to have a look at the dsp::ProcessorChain instead. Note that it’s also quite usual to combine both if you want a multichannel, multiband EQ.

In any case, you can quickly get confusing Compiler errors when using these class templates wrong. Chances are high that your approach isn‘t completely wrong, so if you don‘t mind, share the error you are getting along with the relevant lines of code that trigger the error

Hi thanks,

The goal is to build a stereo 3 or 4 band EQ.

So yes to both of those lol.

Can I not use multiple filters with a process duplicator for a stereo eq? How do I add more filters? Do I use the processor chain with the duplicator?