Multiple MIDI Input Callbacks to same device

I was wondering if I am going about this the wrong way as I have to comment out code to get it to work properly. My application creates several “virtual” performers that listen to the same MIDI device inputs, but for different purposes. I was creating list boxes of the enabled MIDI ports, and then allowing each performer to choose a subset of these to “listen” to. When the performer would select the device, it would register a midiInputCallback for the Performer, but also seemed to remove anyone other performer that had already registered with it.

On order to make it work I commented out the following.

AudioDeviceManager::addMidiInputCallback line 796: commented out removeMidiInputCallback (name, callbackToAdd)

Seems to make it all work, but I can’t imagine commenting out JUCE source code is a good idea on my part? Should I be approaching this in another way?

The line was there to prevent you connecting to the same device twice, but it looks like it’s disconnecting the callback from all devices, not just the one that you specify. I’ll see if I can tweak it to fix that.

Thanks :slight_smile: