Multiple midi outputs in deviceManager classes

I need to have multiple outputs open and used, and i wanted to use the JUCE code for the Device manager and specially for the device selector dialog component. But it looks like there are multiple inputs allowed but midi output is a combo box and you can pick just one that is used, and the device manager does not even have the same methods ans the midi inputs have. Why was this written this way?

i wanted to write my own selector for the outputs but i can’t get around the listboxModel refreshComponent method it makes weird things to my custom component, and i checked through the sources of Juce and Jucer and you don’t use that anywhere, you use paingCell and drawTickbox everywhere, instead of adding components to rows, why is that ?

It’s just written that way because needing multiple midi outs (or even one midi out these days) is quite rare, and anyone doing that will probably want a more custom system to choose them (e.g. to explain what each one is for). So for the basic device manager, I didn’t bother trying to make it handle every possible need. Best thing would probably be to just keep your own devices separate from the device manager, and use your own chooser component on the same page as the audio settings.

For listboxes, I prefer to keep the code simple if possible, so only use custom components when necessary. Mostly the components are simple enough to just be able to draw them.