Multiple plugins in one project

Hi everybody,

I have a project consisting of two plugins, one master (IPC server) and n slaves.
As they share a lot of code, I want to have it in one project. Also because they need to be in sync, they should be in one package.

Is it possible, to create them both in one project? I understand, there would be two calls to AudioProcessor* JUCE_CALLTYPE createPluginFilter(), so worst case I would need to have a DEFINE and build twice?

The other issue, I need to change JucePlugin_PluginCode

Is that all? or is there even a better way of doing it?


Hi, you could add a new build configuration in Projucer, which will give you a new new output target and then use #define to change the behaviour between the two (if I understand correctly what you’re after)

Cool, that sounds like a plan. Then I just pre-populate JucePlugin_PluginCode and JucePlugin_PluginName and I should be fine. Thanks @leehu!

I wondered though if there might be a more elegant solution, that would end up as one binary,
something like Waves WaveShell…

doesn’t waveshell load up individual VSTs though? I’m not sure - only had the briefest of contact with it

i originally thought you may have been after multiple binaries, so adding multiple build configurations might not be the best way for you

No, that’s perfectly correct, that is the primary goal of my question.
I just added the nice to have, if it would be possible, to deploy only one plugin, as they are really minimal and they should never exist in differing versions.
But your solution will work for me.