Multiple wavs for sampling

Hi folks,

My objective is to play a certain “wav” file depending upon which combination of midi keys a user presses.

I was able to get a basic sample generation working using the Jucedemo as a template, but only for a small amount of files and single keyboard presses by using the below snippet, but it doesn’t seem scalable. Also, it feels like I am restricted by the key-to-wave mapping within the SamplerSound class. As such, I do not think I am heading in the right direction.

[code] AudioFormatReader* audioReader = audioFormatManager.createReaderFor (File(String(“C:\Audio\test1.wav”)));
AudioFormatReader* audioReader2 = audioFormatManager.createReaderFor (File(String(“C:\Audio\test2.wav”)));

         BitArray allNotes;
         allNotes.setRange (77, 1, true);
         synth.addSound (new SamplerSound (T("test1"), *audioReader,allNotes,77,0.1,0.1,10.0));
         allNotes.setRange (79, 1, true);
         synth.addSound (new SamplerSound (T("test2"), *audioReader,allNotes,79,0.1,0.1,10.0));[/code]

For performance reasons, my idea is to read the various “wav” files and load them into memory during a class construction. Then, when the midi keys are being processed, I will identify the midi keys pressed, find the appropriate memory location, and use it to generate the sound. My wav files are approximately 500K in size. I have a total number of ~1,000 files.


  1. Is my idea of pre-loading the wavs a good approach considering the number of files and sizes involved?
  2. What classes would be most efficient to use for this? (to read the wav, to store the wav’s data, to generate the sound)

I have read and re-read the documentation and forum several times over and I now suffer from Juce library fatigue.


The juce synth class will provide the framework that you need and can be tweaked to perform any kind of key-to-sound mapping. But if you’re trying to play half a gig of data, you’re going to need to write custom SynthesiserSound and SynthesiserVoice classes to handle streaming from disk, (probably involving pre-caching the beginning of each sound in memory). That’s not a trivial problem, so I wish you luck!