Multithreaded rendering issue

Hi Jules, I have an application where upon loading a project, I try to render it on a background thread (i.e. using Graphics and rendering to Image objects), and when the component is done rendering, I add it to a GUI component for visualization. 

This "almost" works. Somehow there are multithreading issues with the GlyphCache. See before and after (loading project) images attached to this post.

I've tried to "cache" font sizes I use in the software, but I still see this problem.

Ideas ?


Hmm.. GlyphCache is using a lock and looks correct to me.. Have you got some test code that I could use to replicate this myself?

Thanks Jules, but I've reproduced the problem in GUI thread only also, so it cannot be a problem with the GlyphCache. So something else is messing it up, and only in Release build. I hate these kinds of bugs...

Would be happy to investigate, but would need to be able to replicate it somehow!