My own FileTree Component (includes complete source)

Guys, not sure if its useful to others, but here’s my own FileTree Component. I’m pretty sure people will find my coding a bit strange, but hey, its my first Juce Component. :wink:

I also included an example on how to use it.

If this is the wrong place to post this, please, Jules, move to the right location and inform me, so the next time I do it right. :oops:

This is free to change and distribute.

Best Regards, WilliamK @ Wusik Dot Com

This component allows you do do searches, bookmark locations, copy, delete, move, drag-and-drop files to folders and move things around, rename and other options.

Its also fully skinable. :mrgreen:


Anyone care about this?

In any event, let me know if I should keep posting updates about this code, otherwise I will just move on. :wink:

I already found a bug, I forgot to initiate fileFilter(0) in the constructor. :oops: I’m pretty sure there are other things missing…


Hi William!
I tried your component yesterday.
I was just about to tell you about the bug you already found!
I think the component is nice!
You should make some more example code, though.
Go on!

Thanks bud. I will try to improve the example codes when possible. I’m struggling with something else now. :shock: Trying to find a bug on another code I have done…


I’m busy too, with the juced project 8)

I just updated the files with 3 fixes. 8)

I plan on uploading a small project for Windows created with VC++ 2008 Express. It loads up a VST and let you browse FXB/FXP files. :mrgreen: I just need to get it right first. :wink: Its working, but the code is a bit messy… :oops:


What about just modifying the mainComponent in the example project of juce?
When I make custom components I just do this way, so I can easily compile and test the new stuff on every os.

Ah, good idea, once I finish some other stuff up, I will do that. Thanks. :mrgreen:



Very interested to see a working example inside a juce demo application as well,


I could share my Pluing code, the one I’m doing for Wusik Station V6. I just need to figure out how to get AudioProcessorGraph working. Check this out:

If someone give me a hand, I can share the complete source for what I have done so far, which could be handy for someone starting up with Juce. :mrgreen:


I would certainly be interested in seeing your VST code when you get it working, as you seem to be tackling a lot of issues I’d like to understand.


Sure thing. Its prob. going to be later on, as I want to re-do portions of the code before I make it public. But in any event, just ask me about things and I will try to post as much info possible. 8)


The only solution I couldn’t find yet is how to make the VST GUI open in the right place already. I know I can move it after with setBounds, but it flashes in the wrong place for a second and goes to the correct place.

Of course, I know, the loaded Plugin is the one who creates the new window, which attachs to the main window. So, the solution on windows, would be to create a new not-visible window, already in the place set with setBounds, then fire up the loaded Plugin, and then show the window. That would do the job. But that means hacking the Juce files, which I don’t know how to make it in an easy way so when I update Juce I can re-place those code changes. :oops:

For Wusik Station, since I load a Wusik Station Child VST, I just made some changes on Wusik Station Child code. The frame window is created not-visible, and when my main Juce code is ready, I just send an info to the child to make its frame window visible. :wink:


I just updated the FileTree component files. Found some bugs. :oops: I also updated the NewLookAndFeel.cpp file.


Here’s the new page, which will be my official Juce page. :mrgreen: