Native FileChooser takes Window Focus

In my application I use the native FileChooser dialog to load and save a document.
When I choose save. The command manager traverses the command to my main class derived from JUCEApplication. Then the FileChooser dialog is invoked and the save action performed. After saving, the application is not active any more. Keyboard events do not arrive and the red, yellow and green buttons in the title bar are gray (I use native title bars, by the way), but keybaord shortcuts still trigger the ApplicationCommandManager.
Obviously the application does not realize that the focus is lost. TopLevelWindow::isActiveWindow() still returns true and Component::getCurrentlyFocusedComponent() still returns the same child componont than before the saving action.
It seems that there is no way to make the window active again. Component::grabKeyboatdFocus() does not work.

Is there anyone else who gets this behaviour, and does anyone know a workaround?

I found out:

Component::toFront(true) does the job.