Need help troubleshooting GUI freeze when using WebView2

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble understanding a problem using WebView2 with Juce 6.1.2.

I first made a very basic prototype that instantiates only a WindowsWebView2WebBrowserComponent in the PluginEditor and that loads a web page. It works fine on Mac and Windows (using WebView2 dll and runtime), I can navigate inside the webview and I’m happy with it.

So I tried to use the same solution in a real plugin (it’s proprietary code and in a complex framework so I can’t share unfortunately, sorry :confused:). In this context I create the same component with the same dll and runtime, but the main difference is that it’s not displayed by default, it’s made visible dynamically, triggered by a user interaction.

In this case, it still works well on mac, but on Windows I have the weirdest behaviour : the webview is displayed, the page is loaded and I can see it, but I can’t interact with it. And once I click inside, my whole user interface becomes completely frozen (even outside the webview), and I need to have an other app over the plugin to un-freeze the UI (but I still can’t interact with the webview). I tried different ways to load the component, make it visible, etc. with no better results. I have no idea how to investigate this issue, but maybe someone who knows those symptoms might have an idea why it’s behaving like that and what I potentially did wrong.

Thanks by advance for your help :slight_smile: