Need help with Android buffer sizes -- (native vs actuall samplerates)

Hi everyone!

I’m having some problems getting an JUCE app to run well on android.

On all emulators and phone that I have tried, I have been given buffer sizes of > 4000 samples. Im not sure if there is somthing that I am doing - or not doing - to be sent these cumbersom large buffers.

From the console :
I/JUCE: OpenSL: numInputChannels = 1, numOutputChannels = 0, nativeBufferSize = 192, nativeSampleRate = 48000, actualBufferSize = 4800, audioBuffersToEnqueue = 1, sampleRate = 48000, supportsFloatingPoint = false

I would presume from this that buffer sizes of 192 could requested. is that possable?

on a side note, what does the supports floating point parameter mean on the above console output?


I still havnt solved this problem,

I have created a buffer manager that will split large buffers into smaller ones to correct parts of my code that were very un-prepared for a 4800 length beffer size, I havnt found any way to get the native size.

Audio is also running in quite a sporadic and spitty way, dropping the vast majority of frames, this is also the case when I build the tutorial examples for android.

has anybody else experienced this?