Need to create a tempbuffer and copy all the info from the real one :)

Hello Everyone,

First time posting here, I don’t have as much as experience as y’all with c++ audio programming so yea! Just graduating college and I’m working on finishing my capstone project for my major/band, It’s a standalone//vst instrument that auto-tunes the voice in real-time and combines various versions of the auto-tuned voice, blah blah other processing stuff too BUT I’m having an issue with making type compliant temp buffers for the retuners. all the tuners work independently no problem! the issue is this gross casting and direct accessing I think…
//for processing the input

autotuner->process((const float* const*)bufferToFill.buffer->getArrayofReadPointers(), buffertoFill.numSamples, false);
//for sending to the output
autotuner->retrieve(( float *const *)bufferToFill.buffer->getArrayofWritePointers(), buffertoFill.numSamples);

These processors can operate independently because they are accesing the audio input in a very gruesome way it seems, would anyone know a reliable method for copying the samples from the input into a temp buffer during the callback? then copying the processed versions back out? It’s so weird for me because of the required type for the tuner (const float* const*)… any help greatly appreciated!

edit:: problem solved lol im stupid