New 64 bit support?

Congrats on the JUCE 4.0 release! :D Very excited to dive in.


In the announcement it says:

  - AudioSampleBuffer refactored into a templated class AudioBuffer, to allow 32 or 64 bit float support
  - Audio plugin and hosting now supports 64-bit data

What exactly does "Audio plugin and hosting now supports 64-bit data" entail? Is that just an extension of the AudioSampleBuffer class being refactored?


Many thanks!


VST and AU have an option for plugins to deal with their buffers as 64-bit doubles.

Few hosts and plugins actually support this, and it's completely pointless for normal audio, because no human could ever tell the difference, but we added it because some scientific applications can find it useful.

TBH if you have to ask what it is, you almost certainly don't need to know about it!