New SynthesiserSound.appliesTo.... method

Hi! I was thinking lately of adding couple of methods like appliesToNote,  appliesToChannel into the SynthesiserSound class. Basicly I need a bunch of ther stuff like appliesToVelocity, appliesToMidiCC, etc...or maybe have a single virtual method like appliesToUserCondition that would implement the above conditions in the derived class?  Do you think these would serve any good in the official JUCE code? Thanks!

What functionality are you trying to get by adding those? Might be something that should be achieved in other ways, perhaps?

Ex. I have different Sound object that each should respond to different velocity levels. If the noteOn method in the Synth would check the velocity of the sound I would benefit from this by not going into the startNote method at all. Otherwise I have to check for the velocity and return from the voice.startNote 



Yeah, it's fairly easy to just subclass the synth, and alter the noteOn method too, though.


Thanks. That's indeed a good advice. Unfortunately if I want to do that I have to edit the Synth class because stopVoice and shouldStealNotes are private. Any reason not to have stopVoice protected ?