New version of application available check?

Hi JUCE crew!

Wanted to ask if there is a good way to check if an update is available for your application? I want to be able to let the user know there is a new version available for the app and launch a browser to let them download it, alternatively automatically download and update the app (Windows and OS X).




I think the class that you are looking for is juce::URL. It does most of what you need. So when your application checks with the server and receives a possible update you can show the user a button, which pressed calls:

    URL url("https://YOUR-URL");
    if (url.isWellFormed())

Other classes related to networking

Hope this helps.

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There’s no built in JUCE way of doing it. if you’re thinking of the OS X “There’s an update available, Download and Relaunch” or the App Store notification, JUCE doesn’t provide that. you gotta code that using the native framework. I’m sure that the same applies for Windows.

It’s easy enough to write a php script that runs on your server that holds the version number for your app/plugin, and add some juce::URL based functionality that connects to that script, compares the returned version number with the ProjectInfo::versionString that you set in ProJucer, and display the appropriate GUI if they’re not running the latest update.

you can probably get some inspiration out of the projucer code :

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Thanks everyone, I figured thats the approach I had to take but wanted to make sure first.