Newbie question about Juce::URL and cURL

Hey hey, so currently I am building a non audio project that I need to use the Square Payments API for. I am still slightly new to the world of REST api’s, and the square API is a bit more involved than I’m used to.

In their documentation, they provide examples of how to use their API in their various SDK’s as well as cURL. As I understand, cURL is a command line tool (and libcurl?). My question is does cURL do anything other than just format a URL properly for a REST api, and could I do the exact same thing with juce::URL and the class methods?

If no, they are not the same and can’t accomplish the same tasks, I feel like my two options are to use libcurl or do the API communications in python with the SDK and then somehow integrate that with the C++ interface ? (I’m worried this is a mess lol).
Truly, I shouldn’t have done this project in c++ as square has an sdk for just about every other language, but here we are lol.

Any help appreciated !