Newer version of pnglib?

hi all

i need some funtionality included in the pnglib and i noticed that some of my stuff doesn’t work cos the pnglib version included in the juce lib ist from 2004 (and the current one ist 2007 :roll: ). ist it possible to make some update of the imaging lib versions included in juce?

best regards


I thought I’d updated it fairly recently… but I guess not. Ok, I’d better get the latest version!

Thx Jules!

Can you then post some forum message so that the JUCE-fans can download the updated version? Some other question I have considering pnglib: is there a particular reason that the flag PNG_NO_STDIO is set to TRUE in the pngconfig.h version in JUCE? Setting it to TRUE means, deactivating the png_init_io() method => no operations with File* (which might be very handy in some cases). Are there some issues about using File*?

Thx a lot in advance


yep, I’ve already updated it and checked it in.

I added some config settings to remove any code bloat that juce doesn’t actually need, so lots of things like stdio will get left out. The library’s not really there for use by apps - the idea is that you go via the juce image functions. But I guess you could hack out my config settings to enable all the other stuff if you really need to - it’ll still build ok.