No audio from synth during playback

Hi all,

I have taken the juce plugin filter effect demo as a basis for a vsti synth and all has been successful until I tested the synth in a sequencer during playback (SX3 and Reaper).

The synth works fine when used ‘live’, with that I mean taking input from a midi input device. When I press ‘play’ on the sequencer to playback data, there is no sound. It gives a slight ‘click’ (that becomes more audible if I set the attack to zero) as if it is playing the first buffer and not producing any sound for all the subsequent buffers.

Two things I also noticed with this problem are

  • During playback the midi data from the midi track does not produce any audio, but the synth will produce audio if I supply midi data via a midi device (press a note on the keyboard).
  • In reaper it will produce sound when I start playback in the middle of a midi event. If I start playback just before a midi event it will not play the note (except for the initial click).

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have been trying to solve the problem for a while, but cannot find a solution.

I have compiled with the current release and version 146.


Are you using the juce Synthesiser class?

No, but I found the solution. It was a bug in the adsr class that triggered the synth to remove the single voice after a single buffer run. I still have to find out why it does it for midi signals from the sequencer and not from a ‘live’ midi signal. The bug hasn’t got anything to do with Juce though…