No audio output from processBlock

hi, it’s me again :smiley: um… so this time i have trouble with the processBlock-method. as you can see i have an Oscillator-object called osc that uses the playSawAnalog()-method to create a new sample for each sample in the current buffer. then there is the for-loop for the channels where i try to send the wave to the buffer. when i compile it there is no sound though and i ran out of ideas. i tried to use my internal soundcard as well as my audio interface and the testtone in the options menue of the build works as well, so that can’t be it, right? also my oscillator class definitely works too. i have written and tested it in blue cat audio plug’n script and DBG(String(wave)) also shows me that the numbers are right. so there must be something wrong about the way i try to send this information out to the buffer, right? or what is it?

In your channels loop, you iterate from 0 to getTotalNumInputChannels(), which is 0 as your comment says…


oops, lol thx. funny thing is in plug n script you can always test for “audioInputsCount” at this place which is why i did that, but now that i think of it it doesn’t really make sense and blue cat audio probably only made it possible to make it easier to get started^^ yay, i can finally hear my oscillator :slight_smile: thxxxx