Hi. the Array class doesn't have JUCE_LEAK_DETECTOR, so you may want to add it. Unless there is a particular reason for it not to be there?

Now why would that be necessary? The main reason you need the leak detector is if you declare something on the heap­... Are you declaring containers on the heap?

Well, Component got an Array allocated on the heap! :)

I personally don't have any Array on the heap, but that's just a bit of more safety no? the leak detector is in OwnedArray, so why not in Array?

edit : otherwise Array should have JUCE_PREVENT_HEAP_ALLOCATION no?

It does seem overkill to me to give the container classes a leak detector. (And yes, its use as a heap object in Component is a bit of an unusual case!)

sure, I understand. I ws just saying that because I saw it in OwnedArray, but that's perfectly fine for me.