No keyboard focus with AU and VST


I know there are already a few posts on this subject but I can’t manage to fix my plugin :oops: I can’t edit anything with the keyboard (ComboBox, Slider, TexteEditor) on Mac in any DAW (Logic, Live, Garageband) except AULab. Everything’s fine with the mouse. I tried to debug and catch a least a keyboard event in the lower level of juce but couldn’t even manage to do that.
I’m stuck :cry: Could anyone help me ? :roll:

Some results of my investigation about my keyboard focus problem. I tested the PlugIn demo and my plugin with different hosts and different juce version on MacIntel 10.5 : AULab, Live 6, Logic Pro 8, GarageBand

I tested the revision 1.46, the last version, rev 686, 726, 727, 747,756

The only version that has no keyboard focus problem on my configuration in AU/VST and all the hosts is the 1.46. I obtain various but no complete results with the other ones.