No sound or midi after a period of inactivity

After leaving the application open for about 6 hours - there was no sound or midi afterwards.

Verified that the application is still working ok. There is some network connectivity that still worked fine for example.

Resetting the AudioDeviceManager sample rate fixed the issue and the sound was being produced again.

Does anyone have any theory about why this happened? This is the first time I’ve experienced this. JUCE has been solid on that front so far, but this is disconcerting.

Shot into the blue: was the audio interface connected via USB or firewire?
It wouldn’t surprise me, if things need a reset after waking up from powersave mode…

Thanks for your “shot into the blue” … I think that’s about the only thing we can do :slight_smile: The device was not asleep - one of the first things checked…

However … there is something else… The application is loading plugins, but is still not properly handling sample buffer size changes (or other device changes). So it is possible that the sample buffer size changed in the device manager, but the plugins and underlying containers were not reset to properly play with the new sample buffer size.
Is it possible that this could be the source of the problem? If so - phew … this will get fixed anyway at some point.

You know, that the AudioDeviceManager is a ChangeBroadcaster? You can react to these changes by registering a ChangeListener…

Yes, of course, just did not have time to implement this yet so the system MIGHT have been in a state where the device manager properties changed, but the rest of the system was still set to use a different buffer length.
I’m just hoping this is the reason why the sound stopped.

Good luck :slight_smile:
Eventually a call to all prepareToPlay in your processing chain as reaction to a change message from the devicemanager is already enough? Or checking, if the device is still listening to your io-callback and eventually reconnecting…

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