Noatikl and liptikl - created with Juce

Hi Folks!

Thought I’d mention that we’ve now formally released two completely new products, whose user interfaces have both been created entirely with Juce. One, noatikl, is a generative audio engine, with both plug-in and standalone variants. The other, liptikl, is a generative lyric engine, for helping to unlock writer’s block.

You can find them both here:

Massive kudos to Jules for having created Juce; Juce has made a huge difference to our ability to get new products out the door in an incredibly quick time, with solid UIs that look great on both Windows and Mac. There’s nothing really quite like it!

I hope that some of you reading this become inspired enough to give Juce a go; go on, you won’t regret it! :smiley:

There are many reasons to use Juce, too many to mention; you won’t fully understand until you start churning-out the code with it!

All the best folks, and looking forward to a great Juce year in 2008!