Node.js code that will encrypt so that JUCE will decrypt

Hi, does anyone have any example code that will perform this task?


It‘s not node.js but here‘s a PHP version of the unlock key generator:

This is almost as ancient as Windows XP so not sure if it still works :wink:

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Shouldn’t be too tricky to rewrite that using

And really what is the “useful” part is

function applyToValue ($message, $key_part1, $key_part2)
    $result = new Math_BigInteger();
    $zero  = new Math_BigInteger();
    $value = new Math_BigInteger (strrev ($message), 256);
    $part1 = new Math_BigInteger ($key_part1, 16);
    $part2 = new Math_BigInteger ($key_part2, 16);
    while (! $value->equals ($zero))
        $result = $result->multiply ($part2);
        list ($value, $remainder) = $value->divide ($part2);
        $result = $result->add ($remainder->modPow ($part1, $part2));
    return $result->toHex();