Noise App - Is it 100% JUCE? OpenGL?

Hi all,

I’m investigating JUCE on iOS and Android, and as a reference I was checking out the Noise app by Roli. Just wanted to know what Noise was built on. It looked to me based on ListView and animation behaviors that it was JUCE. There were some very UIKit like ScrollViews in the intro section of the app, and I wasn’t sure if those were native UIKit or if they had been recreated in JUCE. Also, is something like the preset list being rendered using OpenGL, or is that using the usual software rendering?


Yep, 100% juce, with openGL used just to draw the fancy effects on the pads.

We’ll be refactoring some of the look+feel work that we did for NOISE and releasing it as part of JUCE 5.


Looking forward to that, I’ve also been curious about how the interface was done.

What’s the timeline on the JUCE 5 release. Will a license for JUCE 4 carry over into a JUCE 5 license, or will that require a separate license?

Hi Hayden,

We’ll give more details of the release of JUCE 5 shortly, but in the meantime, to answer your specific question, a JUCE 4 license that is subscribed monthly will carry over to JUCE 5, but customers of the perpetual JUCE 4 license will need to upgrade. Customers who upgrade will have a 30% discount over the one-off price of JUCE 5.