(non-Apple) macOS Vulkan SDK released!


This is a big deal. There is now a highly performant OpenGL successor available on all platforms JUCE supports.

Vulkan is a nightmare to work with due to its verbosity, but I’m going to give writing a unified LowLevelGraphicsContext a try at some point - likely this summer between school and starting work. It will allow all platforms to use the same GPU-accelerated backend, remove the (apparently) CPU-bound barriers of CoreGraphics and the multi-thread queued and driver-issue-prone GL backend.


Did you get anywhere with this? I’m starting a new project, and I’d like to do some GPU-accelerated graphics for part of the UI. I’m starting to learn some OpenGL but it seems like Vulkan is the way to go for future-proofing.


Agreed, doing anything OpenGL-based nowadays is a very poor idea. Unfortunately, I never got anywhere with it mostly because Vulkan (much less a secondary wrapper like MoltenVK) is a PITA.

See this presentation:
GDC 2018 - Getting explicit: How Hard is Vulkan really?