Non-linear interpolation for colour gradients

Is there a way to change the interpolation of a colour gradient? I know I can add extra colour stops but that doesn’t help much. As far as I can see the interpolation is done in ColourGradient::createLookupTable(). I’d love to be able to supply a lambda for this. But anything would be great. What would be the best approach to do this?


What do you mean that it doesn’t help much to add extra gradient stops? If you add enough, you can approximate any curve like that!

Yes, that’s correct. But it’s not really elegant and seems to be a bit too much.

Not sure what you think is wrong with it! The way all rendering engines work is that the gradients are supplied as just a sequence of colours. Whether that’s generated by lots of linear stops or generated by an equation really makes no difference to the result.

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