Noob question in raspberry pi

Hey guys, I’ve got a very noob question. Right now I want to start learning audio software development, i have a Raspberry Pi 4 type B (which im planning on turn into an Eurorack Module). I managed to install Juce yet when I’m in the projucer app the exporter is in grey. CodeBlocks and the Linux Makefile is also in grey. I really don’t know why, your help will be much appreciated

For what I knowJUCE actually doesn’t generate a project in Linux like it generates an Xcode one in Mac or a VS Studio in Windows, it generates a Makefile. I may be wrong tho as I haven’t tried CodeBlocks, but it’s as easy as compiling the Makefile with make (either gcc or clang, but clang tends to give me less headaches in Raspberry)

Here’s some post about it as you will need to install some dependencies first: