Not getting correct lastPitchWheelValues() in noteOn()

Probably something simple I’m missing here. I had to override noteOn() of Sythesiser to manipulate voices before starting them and am noticing that I’m not getting the correct last pitch wheel position passed, it always sits at midpoint (8192), regardless of the actual wheel position. Pitch bending generally works fine in my use case, which is handled at the voice level, but I can’t seem to get over this hump to get the note started right.

Just printing the value here, midiChannel is coming from noteOn()

int lastPitchWheelPos = lastPitchWheelValues[midiChannel];

lastPitchWheelPos=8192, channel=1

I ended up overriding handlePitchWheel() and keep that value around instead. Still curious why I can’t seem to be picking it up via lastPitchWheelValues.

Thanks a bunch in advance.