Occasional dead audio channel

Hey guys,

occasionally my audio plugin is having sporadic channel behaviour.

I’ve tried using the manual setPreferredChannelConfig, taken from some of the example code, I’ve also tried leaving everything blank and letting projucer handle it. I’m not quite sure what’s going on.

I thought it was potentially my dsp code, but there is a master wet/dry at the end of my processblock which should be the unprocessed signal. The whole channel is just outputting nothing.

The strangest bit is if ableton i keep bypassing and unbypassing the plugin, the channel output can switch from stereo to left back to right etc…

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

yes, in some hosts when i switch bank in the synth i get the channels screwed up and eventually muted outputs. i need to reassign the output channels in the host to reenable sound again.

Have you found a fix? I haven’t looked too much into the new bus stuff, but there must be something that’s incorrect. Could it be that my process block is broken into statements such as if (channel == 0) & if (channel == 1)?

This bug is on our radar. This should only be a problem for vst2. Please see & contribute to the discussion starting from this post.